Our Staff

The challenge that many great families face when considering foster care is not knowing where to begin. Our team of Foster Care Navigators understand those “pre-application” anxieties and are here to help.

Our staff of Navigators have fostered, licensed, adopted and advocated for children in the foster care system. As a team, we don’t view the licensing process as a systematic one. It is, essentially, a life changing decision that requires intimate understanding and patience, both of which we can provide.

Lisa Shaheen2

Lisa M. Shaheen, BSW

Supervisor, Foster Care Navigator

Lisa Shaheen has worked in the social services field for over 12 years. She has served as clerical support staff, JJDRA Youth Surveillance Worker, Family Preservation Worker and is currently the Supervisor of the Foster Care Navigator program … read more.


Emiline Reyst

Program Manager

Emiline Reyst has worked in the social services field for 8 years. She has served as a foster care worker, adoption worker, adoption generalist, and adoption supervisor while working at Orchards Children’s Services…read more.


Jackie Gant, Oneida Nation

Coordinator of Native American Outreach

My name is Jackie Gant and I am proud adoptive parent of a beautiful five year old little boy, who has an array of special needs, but you would never know it. My son is persistent and … read more.

Lisa Coleman2

Lisa Coleman

Relative Placement Specialist

Lisa Coleman became a foster parent unexpectedly when she received a phone call that four of her grandchildren needed to be placed with her. The call came on the same day that Lisa was moving into a new … read more.

Jenelle Drada2

Jenelle Drada

Foster Care Navigator

Jenelle Drada is a foster parent and Foster Care Navigator. Jenelle has personal  experience in relative care, guardianship, foster care, and adoption … read more.
Kristal Baker2

Kristal Baker

Foster Care Navigator

Kristal Baker has been involved with the Michigan Foster Care system for 10 years. She has served as a relative caregiver, licensed foster parent, adoptive parent, and is currently a Foster Care Navigator … read more.

Anita Hyde2

Anita Hyde

Foster Care Navigator

Anita Hyde has worked in the social services field for over 15 years. She has served as a Juvenile Delinquent Youth Advocate, Foster Care and Adoptive Parent, Parent Educator and a Supervised Visitation Worker ...read more.


Tracy Birchmeier

Foster Care Navigator

Tracy Birchmeier has been a foster parent for over three years. She is dedicated to providing a caring, loving and supportive home to children in care.  Tracy has a good working relationship with Shiawassee County DHHS and has been a mentor for that County … read more.

Kristie Vergowven

Kristie Vergowven

Foster Care Navigator
Foster Care Navigator, Kristie Vergowven, is passionate about children and their happiness. She and her husband are parents to a son who was in the foster system for 18 months. Recently Kristie and her husband celebrated the adoption of their son … read more.